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I am NOT a banana. I...am a BURRITO!

I have decided that the kiddie burrito is the ultimate post-skiing food.  At least for tonight.  Next time, I may choose another ultimate food :P I guess I can be fickle like that.  Of course, since the next time I"m going skiing it will be just after breakfast on Friday, a burrito might be a bit of a heavy way to go to school...
What a fun night it was...I never realized before that "going skiing with someone" meant that you always ride the lifts together, that you hang out in line and chat on the way down sometimes (although, mostly Mike went zooming past me.  I'm not proud, I'll admit that, but at least I didn't fall down tonight).  I guess I'd always been left behind before so I assumed that's how it was done.  Turns out, it's not how friends do it.  Good to know. :)

But oh, yes...the burrito.  Food and I are having supervised visits these days, but the burrito was a delightful splurge of joy that turned out to not be much of a splurge at all.  Plus, it was less than five bucks and came with a milk box.  Which was hilarious, I haven't had one of those in years.  We're definitely heading to Chorizo again after the next night ski, where I will also remember to wear my glasses since tinted goggles are less than helpful when skiing with night lights.  I'm finally relaxing enough to get into semi-wedge, and parallelling on the less steep bits, although by the end of the night when my knees were sucking out, it was pretty brutally pie-shaped.  The weight lifting has definitely helped my leg and core strength though, so this promises to be a good season for what remains of it.

I just wish my season's pass didn't look quite so *surprised* It's not like I didn't know they were taking the picture.  Better than a blink picture, I suppose...



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